5 Tips to Top Telephony Customer Experience

When it comes to customer service, some brands are still stumped as to how they can improve their caller experience. Regardless of what platform you have, it’s important to make the most of this powerful brand channel. Charlie Rees, Head of Creative for Premier CX gives us 5 simple but effective tips to help you assess the effectiveness of your customer’s telephony experience.

Charlie Rees

Head of Creative
Premier CX
1. Put your callers needs first

It happens so regularly, when businesses structure their telephony experience to suit their needs, rather than the needs of their callers and customers. Poor call routing and complex and lengthy IVR trees can lead to confusion and frustration. Reduce the jargon and ensure that your callers are finding their way easily to their desired destination.

2. Consider your callers state of mind

Simply put, are your callers in a good or a bad mood? A customer that calls a complaints line needs to be pacified and placated, where likewise a prospect needs to be nurtured and progressed. Adapt your audio content to suit the appropriate situation or target audience.

3. Where are they calling from?

Landline, mobile or overseas? The quality of the audio on the line can be instrumental to a great calling experience. Calls from a mobile are received at reduced quality so ensure that your in-queue audio files are fully optimised. If your callers can’t hear your options it’s a less than ideal start.

4. How long are they waiting?

In an ideal world, nobody wants to wait in a queue, but sometimes high call volumes are inevitable. Providing an on brand and engaging experience can reduce queue time perception, increase up sell and cross sell opportunities, and if nothing else entertain your callers.

5. Knowing when to redirect your caller

Why not consider promoting a channel shift option through your telephony audio strategy. This will alleviate unnecessary queues where agents are repeating the same information time-and-time again. Perhaps some of your callers could have their questions or queries answered online, or by using FAQ video solutions to improve understanding and clarification. Just think about how much money that could save your operation in staff and training.