An Experiment

When was the last time you called up your bank with a simple query or request, only to be passed around like a hot potato? It’s happened to all of us, and the experience can really make you question why you’ve trusted this particular company to look after your hard earned cash. And it’s not just banks. Over and over we bang our heads against the wall when we just can’t get what we need from the companies we spend our cash with.

Expression people

So, supposing your local pub started behaving in the same way? Bartenders constantly fobbing you off, or worse still ignoring you. Or blasting out characterless music out over and over again whilst they go and deal with something that they deem more important.  Earlier this year the curious people at Tandem Bank set off to find out. The result, unsurprisingly lead to some very irate customer reaction, and hilarious feedback. Sound familiar? Click hereto watch.