Overnight Contact Centre Success

Northumbrian Water Group (NWG) supply customers with drinking water in Essex and Suffolk. They also supplying drinking water and sewage services to customers across the North East of England.

“Reduced call misrouting by 30%”

Suffering with a very basic and antiquated automated contact centre solution, NWG callers were inherently dropping out of calls due to a poor overall customer experience. Extended waiting times were exacerbated by poorly sign-posted IVR and in-queue experiences.


Employing the contact centre consultancy services of Premier CX, Northumbrian Water Group successfully reduced call misrouting by 30%. This reduction was quantified to Premier in the value of the time of 10 contact centre agents. Furthermore, NWG were able to evidence a reduction in call abandonment in excess of 500 calls a week.

Reviewing the success of Premier’s work at Northumbrian Water Group, Resource Planning Team Leader, Kelvin Curtis stated, “This was an overnight success. We switched it on one day and we got the benefits the next day!”